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Culturenet Sweden is the virtual gateway to all Swedish cultural life with a rich network of links to many imaginative websites and cultural manifestations of all sorts. Here you may find classical literature alongside current comics, and music from past centuries as well as innovative amateur bands.

Culturenet Sweden is a place where local and national cultural expressions meet. CultureNet Sweden displays Swedish culture to the Swedish people and to the whole world.

Culturenet Sweden was initiated by the Swedish government to increase access to Swedish culture through the Internet and was a responsibility for the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs 2000-2004.

May 16th 2005, Culturenet Sweden moved and relaunched under a new head organisation. The Association for Culturenet Sweden will continue to run the activities and services in the same spirit of public service as earlier.

At the moment you can find 8236 Swedish links to Swedish culture in the index. If you have questions, feedback or suggestions as to web sites that can be added to the index, please mail us at redaktionen.

Read more about the project background running between 1997-1999.


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